Rules relating to photos and how to attach photos.

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Rules relating to photos and how to attach photos.

Post  Mandurahbusguy on Mon Mar 15, 2010 8:23 pm

Here's are the rules and how to attach photos on this forum:

When attaching photos to your post, you have 2 options on how you want to host them:

Option 1: you can host your photos from a external server eg: Flickr,Facebook,Photobucket,yahoo etc..
and by clicking the above icon with the image/floppy disk and selecting url and pasting in your host url and click host it.
Also to remember from the resize image dropdown box select 800 px width.

Option 2: Upload photos from your pc- Just click on the image/floppy disk icon and select file and click on browse and from there select your photo you wish to upload(at the moment there is no multiple upload options)
Make sure your photos are no more than than 300Kb in size and 820 in width and then when you are ready just click host it!!!!

If you have any further questions in regarding to posting photos, just pm me or a moderator and we will be happy to help!!!!!

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