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Post  Mandurahbusguy on Mon Jul 05, 2010 4:51 pm

"Which vehicle is it?" Thread Guidelines

* The concept of this game is to guess the fleet number of whatever vehicle that appears in the image posted.
* When guesses are posted, the person who posted the picture must post either "higher" or "lower" depending on the fleet number of the vehicle, to help players to narrow it down, and make the game run faster.

* Removal of identifying features such as fleet numbers and number plates is required for the game to work properly (leaving the fleet number and/or number plates on would defeat the purpose of the game!). You may also choose to remove shift numbers, and/or destination signs displayed.

* An answer must be given within 3 days of the picture being posted.

* The member who correctly guesses the number of vehicle in the previously posted vehicle has 2 days to respond or post an image, otherwise, the opportunity to post an image will be given to everybody else.

* If the correct number of the vehicle is not guessed within 3 days of being posted, then an answer must be given, and the opportunity to post another image is open to anyone.

And as per the "Where is it?" section guidelines:
* All posts must fall within the current WATF guidelines, which can be read in the Guidelines & FAQ's section of this board.
* All images posted in this section must comply with the WATF Guidelines for posting pictures, which can be found here.
* All images must be hosted from an external server OR by using the "attachment" feature of the WATF software.
* All images posted from an external server are to be posted using the [img] tags only, and the server should have no restrictions limiting the amount of times the image can be viewed.
* Images must not be posted as links.
Breaches of these guidelines
* Continual disobedience of Administrators' or Moderators' instructions may result in you being banned from viewing this section.

If there are any further questions, please feel free to send me a PM.



Player 1 wrote:140?

Person who posted the picture wrote:Lower

Player 2 wrote:110?

Person who posted the picture wrote:Higher

Player 3 wrote:123?

Person who posted the picture wrote:Correct


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